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Medical record review Generation 7

Medical Record Review Generation 7 represents a remarkable evolution in the approach towards medical record review. The Legal domain has evolved over the period of time and law firms and Attorney’s should expect more precise, insightful and customized review and summary of Medical Records to book wins for their clients. Lawsuit Assist provides this next generation hybrid approach towards Medical Record Review.

Problems We Solve

Multi-Level Quality Assurance

Every review is fact-checked and proofread at multiple levels as a part of our Zero-Error Program. Flawless reviews for your success.

Optimization of Billable Hours

Delegate record reviews to us without worrying about any compromise in quality. Utilize your billable hours for matters which demand your personal attention and expertise.

Professional Expertise

Never be worried about the authenticity of the review again. Our in-house doctors and medical professionals ensure that nothing important is missed.

Turn Around Time

Meeting deadlines becomes easy now. We leverage the time-zone difference to reduce your wait-time and give you faster results.

Scalable Resources

Instantly scale your team depending on your requirement. Have class-leading technology and skilled human resources at your disposal. Now you don’t have to let go those cases because of manpower constraints.

Cost Effective

11+ years of domain expertise combined with advanced technologies results in highly optimized operations, which helps us in being cost-effective.

Services We Offer

Medical Record Sorting

Medical Record Chronology

Narrative Summary

Customized Record Review

Plaintiff Fact Sheet

Medical Record Redaction

Why us?

Cost Effective

Achieve75% cost reduction through our customizable services. Save more, earn more.


HIPAA Compliant and ISO27001 Certified. Delegate work securely.


No need to make big commitments. Try us out first. We welcome small assignments too.


Latest technology guarantees improved interoperability, enhanced accessibility and convenience.


We work as an extension of your team. Contact our dedicated account managers anytime.

Financially Sound

CRISIL Rated. We not only have the professional capability but also the financial capacity to handle any work.

We Specialize In Medical Record Review for

Social Security Disability

Personal Injury

Workers Compensation

Mass Tort

Medical Malpractice

Insurance Defense

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