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Medical Record Summarization

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Medical Record Summarization is a process through which vast medical records are chronologically arranged, categorized, interpreted, analyzed, authenticated by medico-legal experts, and summarized.

Medical Record Summarization Services

Insurance companies, healthcare providers, attorneys, and other entities involved in medical litigation or claims, have innumerable medical records which they have to sift through to find data pertinent to their case. Medical Record Summarization services help them to manage voluminous medical records, and expedites the case and the claim process. Records summarization services enable claim companies and litigation firms to concentrate on their core business, and cuts the manpower and overhead costs involved in in-house records summarization. Our Medical Record Summarization services are:


The primary goal of medical record summarization is assimilating volumes of medical records into one document. All elements and details of the records should be carefully captured in the summary. Missing out on information might end up being fatal to a case.


It is very important to define the objective of the records summarization at the beginning. A medical summary has all the details, but a good medical summary has all the details pertinent to the objective. Having relevant information in the summary enables claim companies and litigation firms to be more responsive to their client’s needs.


A medical summary is only as effective as its authenticity. Records summarization should not merely focus on gathering data, it should also ensure its accuracy. A foolproof medical summary will help in winning cases.

Why Should You Choose Medical Record Reviews?

Since its inception, Medical Record Reviews has successfully catered to clients around the globe, promptly meeting every business need and proactively improving the operational efficiency of our clients. Medical Record Reviews is the ideal choice for organizations seeking medical information solutions because:


We understand that the primary reason for your outsourcing initiative is reducing your costs, without compromising on productivity and quality of the output. Medical Record Reviews provide outstanding medical record summarization services at incredible rates, making us one of the most cost-effective service providers in the industry.


We believe that the quality of work hugely depends on the competence of the employees. Every member of the medical record summarization team has to pass a strict screening and interviewing process before being allocated with a task. We ensure only the right professional with a relevant background handles your requirement.


In order to boost the efficiency of our extensively qualified employees, we augment their capability with state-of-the-art infrastructure and class-leading technology. When you partner with Medical Record Reviews, you not only access a talented global workforce, but you also gain the benefits of the most advanced tools and techniques in the industry.


At Medical Record Reviews, we never keep our clients waiting. Our team of dedicated professionals equipped with the latest technology ensures a short wait time. We expedite services while maintaining world-class service quality.


Medical Record Reviews has a rich tradition of prioritizing transparency and accountability, which has enabled us to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients. We make sure that our clients are always aware and in control of the progress of the tasks assigned to us.

If you are looking for exceptional medical record summarization services which guarantee:

  • Significant reduction in operating costs
  • Strict HIPAA compliance
  • Deliverables meeting international standards
  • Accurate and error-free documentation
  • Customized and personalized solutions
  • High degree of data security and confidentiality

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